Face Corsets

Exhibiting venues.

  • 12/11 - 03/13 'In Your Face' Curated by Nick Knight. SHOWstudio, London. UK
  • 11/10 - 3/11 'Alter Nature'. Z33, CIAP & the Fashion Museum, Hasselt, Belgium
  • 10/04 ‘Future Face’ Wellcome Trust Exhibition. The Science Museum, London, UK
  • 04/03 ‘Digi-Monde’ Contemporary Art & Science Exhibition. Orleans House Gallery, London UK
  • 04/03 ‘Bodily Alter(c)ations’. Macquarie University Gallery, Sydney, Australia
  • 10/02 ‘Short Cuts To Beauty’. The Victoria & Albert Museum, London

Commissioned by The Victoria & Albert Museum and funded by Wellcome Trust People Award, Paddy’s Face Corsets are designed to brutally mimic and parody the results of extreme cosmetic surgery procedures. His Face Corsets have been exhibited, broadcast and published internationally.

See how Paddy's Face Corsets evolved into his Fashion Artefact collections, creating work for the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Elizabeth Banks at his sister website www.patrickianhartley.com

Face Corset Media Coverage

Paddy's Face Corsets have featured in a wide variety of popular and specialist publications both nationally and internationally and continue to feature in contemporary textiles and fashion publications.