Exhibiting venues:

  • 04/13 - 05/13 'SHOWcabinet: Prosthetics'. SHOWstudio. London. UK
  • 05/03 ‘Treat Yourself’ Wellcome Trust Exhibition. The Science Museum, London, UK
  • 12/00 ‘Safe From Harm’, Year of the Artist exhibition. The Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds, UK
  • 11/00 ‘Eden’. Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture. Radley College Gallery, Oxford. UK
  • 09/00 ‘Parade’: Leeds Contemporary Art Now. East Street Gallery, Leeds. UK
  • 03/00 ‘Formerly Known As Art’ (F,K,A,A). Contemporary Fine Art in Leeds. The Wardrobe, Leeds. UK


Safe from Harm was a thematic evolution of Paddy’s post-graduate research. His Year of the Artist residency at the Thackray Medical Museum realised work created from a series of discussions with representatives from various faith based communities exploring attitudes to medical technology, ethics and practice. The resulting sculptures were created largely using objects held in the museum collection and exhibited in and amongst the public displays.



Safe Press Coverage

The 'Safe' collection launched in 2000 and was the first of Paddy's work to receive press coverage regionally and nationally for both its artistic content and educational value.